Pretty Gold Clips For Braids

Those pretty little gold thingy on braids, locs or twists can be quite a game-changer for your hairstyle. The ability of those tiny objects to completely transform the outlook of your hair is utterly fascinating.

Using gold clips for braids is one of the numerous ways to accessorize your braids.

Hair accessories are practical or decorative objects bound, clamped, entangled, inserted, or in any way attached to the hair. Gold clips are one of them.

From time immemorial, different ornaments and the materials from which they were made were used to signify religious value, social class, age group, and a certain level of fashion awareness.

Nowadays, hair decorations are basically used for fashion and beautification purposes, and top of the list of hair accessories are gold clips for braids.

You’ll agree with me that gold clips are colorful and eye-catchy. Whether being used for traditional braids, knotless braids, twists, or locs, they make your hairstyle look a hundred times better.

Here are various gold clips you could decorate your braids with.

Filigree Spiral braid Cuffs

Image Source: Pinterest

Braid Clip Rings

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Gold Hair Cuffs

Image Source: Pinterest

Dangling Braids Cuffs

Image Source: Pinterest

Fancy Hair Cuffs

Image Source: Pinterest

Dangling Evil-Eye Shell Clips

Image Source: Pinterest

Adjustable Crown-shaped Cuffs

Image Source: Pinterest

Spiral Tube Braid Cuffs

Image Source: Pinterest

Hoop Braid Cuffs

Image Source: Pinterest

Braid Shell Clips

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Fancy Spiral Cowry Cuffs

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What If My Hair Clips Don’t Fit?

Most of these clips are adjustable, while some of them aren’t. If, after purchasing your hair clips, you find out they don’t fit because they’re too big for your braid size, there’s a way out.

First off, check if they’re adjustable. If they are, apply pressure on both ends of the clip after securely placing it in the right position until it fits.

If they’re not adjustable, place it on your braid and slide up till you get to a point where it feels tight, then secure it in that position.

If you are still not satisfied with the steps above, or you feel like they might fall off at some point, you can try fastening the hair clip to your braids with the use of a thread. You can achieve this by using a needle to sew through the braids and link it with the hair clip.

When using this method, ensure that the thread you use is the same color as your braids to avoid it being so obvious.

How To Preserve Gold Clips For Braids

Gold clips for braids, twists, or locs are pretty much easy to preserve. Just follow the steps enumerated below.

  • Store your hair clips in a jewelry box or a jewelry organizer
  • Ensure you keep them out of the reach of children if you have any around you (the best tip you’ll get)
  • Gold clips for braids are not friendly with water chemicals, so make sure you take off your hair clips before bathing or swimming to prevent chemicals from getting to it
  • Generally, Gold-plated jewelry (including gold clips for braids) is prone to rust when exposed to sweat. Therefore, ensure you take them off before carrying out any activity that might likely make you sweat.
  • Clean your hair accessories regularly. This act would help wipe off oils or any other substance that might cause it to fade or rust.
  • Attach your hair clips only after applying whatever products you use for your hair. Be it hair perfumes, hair spray or any other styling product. They may contain chemicals that can make your hair clip dull or fade within a short period.


Gold clips for braids are beautiful finishing touches for your braids and locs. Try out any of these clips on your next braided hairstyle, and let me know how it turns out in the comment section.

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