17 Pretty White Skirt Outfit Ideas

When you think of a white skirt, what comes to mind? Personally, I see white skirts as a blank canvas that can be styled in countless ways to suit any occasion.

white skirt outfit
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It being a neutral color doesn’t make it difficult to style, on the contrary it makes it possible have different styling options.

Regardless of the outfit style you’re going for; formal, business, business-casual, casual or artsy, there are a variety of style options for you.

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Now, before you piece your white skirt outfit together, ensure to keep in mind, the basic principles of styling.

That being said, in this article I’ll be giving you white skirt outfit ideas, categorizing them in different outfit styles.

Pretty White Skirt Outfit Ideas

Here you go!

Corporate White Skirt Outfit Ideas

These are white skirt outfits that are best worn to the office or work environment. Corporate fashion pieces usually include, Shirts, plain pants, skirts, blazers, and the likes.

Pairing your long or mid-length white skirt with a black shirt or a blue blazer would give you a proper corporate white skirt outfit.

A white two-piece suit (skirt & Blazer) would also do the trick.

Style with pointed heels and the appropriate accessories.

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Casual White Skirt Outfit Ideas

Casual fits are those outfits you wear for a laid back and relaxed look. You’re meeting up with friends at your go-to coffee shop or taking a casual stroll in the park with your significant other, casual outfits should be your bestie in these scenarios.

Almost all fashion pieces could pass for casual depending on how you pair them. For instance, wearing a white shirt all buttoned down with a plain trouser and a red blazer would result in a corporate fit. If you layer that same shirt on a shorts and tank top outfit, it gives you a casual look.

For casual footwear, go for loafers, sneakers or flats.

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white skirt outfit
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Sporty White Skirt Outfit Ideas

Sporty outfits are usually informal. They are those fashion pieces that look like they can be worn for sports.

Fashion pieces in this category includes tennis skirts, trainers, gym shorts, workout shirts, track suits and the likes.

These outfits can be worn to sporting events like football or basket ball.

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Party White Skirt Outfit Ideas

These are the kind of outfits you wear for a night out with your friends. Whether to a club, a bar or a pub.

They include fashion pieces like miniskirts, sequin tops, leather pants, and the likes.

white skirt outfit
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white skirt outfit
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Eccentric White Skirt Outfit Ideas

Eccentric outfits are those outfits are unconventional and daring. This outfit style is often characterized with unusual colors, textures and patterns combination.

It basically the opposite of the regular norms of fashion.

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Chic White Skirt Outfit Ideas

This outfit styles involves wearing smart, elegant and sophisticated fashion pieces.

Chic outfit style is all about combining colors elegantly, choosing quality fabrics and fashion-forward accessories that’ll make you feel and look luxurious and classy.

Chic is all about choosing appropriate quality fabrics, combining two or three colours elegantly and, generally, making you look and feel luxurious and classy.

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Streetstyle White Skirt Outfit Ideas

Streetwear fashion is a casual outfit style that trended in the 90’s and is back on the trend table.

Streetwear fashion pieces include baggy pants, graphic Tees, miniskirts, sneakers, maxi denim skirts, boots, and the likes.

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I hope you found this helpful.

Which of these outfits would you be giving a try? Let me know in the comments below.

Don’t forget to share with your family and friends via social media.

Stay stylish!

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