From Flats to Fabulous: My Secret Weapon for Pain-Free Heels!

As a petite girlie who’s barely over 5 feet, heels are my best friends and I tend to wear them almost every day. Now you might be wondering how I can pull this off without getting exhausted, don’t worry I’ll share my secret with you.

Even though my height used to be one of my greatest insecurities, that wasn’t my only reason for strutting in heels every single day. I just loved the way a pair of sleek heels elevates your outfit no matter what you’re wearing.

You can turn a simple casual outfit into a chic outfit just by strapping on some heels. Heels fascinate me and I don’t mind splurging on them.

Just like every good thing has a downside, so does heels. What’s the downside of wearing heels? The excruciating pain that comes from prolonged wear!

Did this stop me from wearing heels? Absolutely not. I endured for quite some time (would not advise that) then I decided to look for a way to make them more comfortable.

Long story short, Toe taping!

What’s toe taping? You might ask, I’ll explain.

Toe Taping

Ever heard of toe taping? It’s a trick that makes wearing heels more comfortable. It involves taping your third and fourth toes together (counting from your big toe) like this

Image Source: Pinterest

This trick helps alleviate pressure on the ball of your foot and reduces pain whenever you’re wearing high heels. Trust me, It’s a tried-and-true trick!

You might be wondering how there’s a correlation between taping your feet and reducing pain, well, here’s why it works.

There’s a nerve that splits between these toes and gets strained whenever you wear heels, taping your toes takes the pressure off this nerve, this in turn makes your high heel experience much easier.

How to Do It

Get some tape. Medical tape or scotch tape would do

Clean your feet. Before taping, make sure your feet are clean and dry.

Tape the toes. Wrap the tape around your third and fourth toes. Make it snug but not too tight.

Go ahead, slip into your heels and enjoy the comfort!

There are other ways to enjoy comfortable heels as well. wearing foldable heels or sticking to platform heels which are much more comfortable.


If you’re like me that likes my heels pointed, then I hope you found this toe taping trick helpful.

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Yours Stylishly!

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