8 Best Oils for Low Porosity Hair

Battling with moisture retention or hair breakage? You’re in the right place! I’ll recommend the best oils for low porosity hair in this article, so keep reading!

What is hair porosity?

This simply refers to your hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture.

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Hair porosity is divided into three categories: low porosity, medium porosity, and high porosity.

How porous your hair is is more often than not determined by genetics. This means that if low porosity hair is a family trait, the chances that you’ll also have low porosity hair are high.

Inasmuch as genetics play a vital role in the porosity of one’s hair, there are other factors responsible for low porosity hair. Factors like bleaching your hair, overwashing, blowdrying, using harsh hair products, and hair straightening can cause low porosity hair.

Ultraviolet exposure is also another determinant in the porosity of your hair, so when next you’re stepping out in the sun, wear a hat or any hair covering to protect your hair from direct sunlight.

Now moving on, how do you identify the porosity of your hair? It’s quite simple! Here are some tips to check how porous your hair is.

Water Test

This involves using water to determine the porosity of your hair. To do this, wash your hair to get rid of product buildup, comb, and get a strand or two from the comb.

The next step is to place it in a glass of water; you have low porosity hair if it floats. If the strand of hair floats for a while and then sinks, you have medium porosity hair. If it sinks immediately, then you have high porosity hair.

Fingers Test

You can also understand your hair’s porosity by running your fingers through your hair. If it feels smooth, you have low porosity hair. If it’s otherwise bumpy or rough, you have high porosity hair.

Now let’s move on to the order of the day; the best oils for low porosity hair.

5 Best Oils for Low Porosity Hair

Avocado oil

Avocado oil has various benefits for your skin, hair and health in general. For your hair, avocado oil can easily penetrate your hair and scalp, provide intense hydration and can be used for scalp massage.

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The best thing about this oil is that it doesn’t clog follicles to maintain a healthy scalp. Your low porosity hair will have no problem soaking up avocado oil.

Argan Oil

Argan oil is one of the best oils for low porosity hair, as it can serve as a really good moisturizer for your hair.

The benefits of using argan oil for low porosity hair range from preventing breakage and protecting your hair from any form of damage from the likes of heat styling tools or harsh shampoo chemicals to reducing hair fall and moisturizing your hair.

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Argan oil is a blend of healthy, natural oils for low porosity hair crafted for curly, wavy, and coily hair types.

More remarkably, argan oil contains phenol compounds that act as antioxidants. This strengthens the hair follicles by making your strands thicker and healthier, also promoting hair growth.

Sweet Almond oil

Sweet almond oil is popularly known for promoting hair growth. If enhancing hair growth is your major concern, then sweet almond oil is the one for you.

This oil is rich in fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants. These components help to strengthen your strands and stimulate hair growth.

oils for low porosity hair
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You can also add sweet almond oil to your shampoo or any other hair products, as it has conditioning effects.

Sweet almond oil quickly penetrates the hair shaft because of its lightweight nature making it one of the choicest oils for low porosity hair.

Black Vanilla Oil

This is one fantastic oil choice for dry and curly low porosity hair types. This is because it creates an extra layer of moisture. With this benefit, you can strike out dry and brittle hair from your list of concerns.

Black vanilla oil is usually combined with sweet almond oil and safflower seed oil, giving your hair the best of three worlds.

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Asides making your hair shinier, it’ll be a lot easier to style your hair because this blend helps to make your stubborn hair soft enough to be styled into braids, threading hairstyles, locs, or any other style of your choosing.

Jojoba Oil

The next worthy mention on our list of good oils for low porosity hair is jojoba oil.

You can never go wrong with this oil as it reduces scalp dryness and split ends, improves hair shine and unclogs follicles which in turn enhances hair growth.

Looking for a natural solution to dandruff? This is definitely the oil for you because it is one of the best natural moisturizers.

oils for low porosity hair
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Jojoba oil is rich in B-complex and vitamin E, and these components help strengthen hair strands. It also contains antibacterial and antifungal properties.


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