How to wear Long Denim Skirt

Maxi skirt is one of the many 80’s fashion pieces that’s been resurrected in our generation.

Growing up, I saw this skirt as old-fashioned and outdated and when my mum tries to force it on me, I’d rebel. It’s funny how I’m rocking one right now!

Well, don’t blame me, it wasn’t on the trend table back then and I like to be up to date with my outfits.

These skirts come in different colors and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion or the vibe you want to express.

You can style with a crop top, tank top, jacket, T-shirts, turtlenecks, basically everything. As for footwear, they go well with platform heels, flats, sneakers or even boots! Such a versatile piece.

In this article, I’ll be giving you different fun and stylish tips on how to wear long denim skirt without having to spend too much. Keep scrolling.

How to wear Long Denim Skirt

Let’s get right to it.


Pairing your denim skirt with a turtleneck top is one stylish way to wear long denim skirts.

Slap on a pair of thigh high boots and other accessories and your outfit is popping. Don’t let the length of the skirt scare you, so long as your overall look is balanced, you have nothing to worry about.

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Tank Tops

If your vibe is the casual chic look then this styling tip is for you.

Go for a denim skirt that suits your body shape well (very important), get a tank top, any color is fine so long as it goes with the vibe of the skirt. Pair your outfit with platform heels for better fitting. You can also pair with sneakers and boots if your goal is to add more edge.

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To achieve a more structured look, you can add a belt to the mix. This would help accentuate your waistline.

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Add on your accessories; sunglasses, jewelries, a crossbody bag or a small shoulder bag will do just fine.

You can layer your outfit with a jacket depending on the weather.

Crop Tops

This particular mix is my favorite. I refer to this outfit style as “balancing modesty with a touch of skin exposure”

Image Source; Pinterest
Image Source; Pinterest

To recreate this style, you need a plain or stylish denim skirt and a plain or stylish crop top.

Now if you go for the stylish skirt, pair it with a plain crop top and vice versa.

Also consider the design of your fashion pieces as well, If you go for a flare denim skirt match with a fitted crop top. Om the other hand if your skirt is more streamlined, you’re free to match with a loose crop top.

This helps to balance out your outfit.


Different types of jackets give off different vibes. If you’re going for a more edgy look, pairing your denim skirt with a cropped leather jacket would do just fine.

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If, on the other hand you want a more casual look, pairing your denim skirt with a cropped denim jacket will give you that.

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Style with a tank top or a bralette underneath, throw on a pair of boots, accessorize accordingly and you might as well get on the runway because that’s a fashionista’s look right there!


This combination sounds a little weird, doesn’t it? Relax it’ll make sense soon.

To create this look, get a plain denim skirt, a graphic or plain T-shirt (preferably a graphic one) and a pair of sneakers, boots or platform heels.

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Now you can decide to tuck the shirt in and accentuate your waist with a belt or tie the helm of your T shirt into a knot either by the side or at the back. You can also decide to tie it in front and tuck it in upwards, so the knot is less visible.

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White Shirt

If you want to pull of this business casual look then you should consider this particular outfit style. It gives off a touch of corporate and casual vibe at the same time.

To recreate this look, Get a plain denim skirt, a white long-sleeved shirt and a pair of loafers. Here’s a visual example.

Image Source; Pinterest
Image Source; Pinterest


Whenever you’re trying out an outfit, don’t forget to consider your body shape as this is also a deciding factor as to whether or not your outfit will come out exactly like the one you’re trying to recreate.

Which of these would you be trying out? Let me know in the comment section.

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Stay Stylish!

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