How to Style an Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Ever wondered why an outfit idea you saw online doesn’t fit the way you thought it would? Suddenly all the excitement you’ve been feeling prior to trying it out dissipates.

This particular outfit looked so good on the model or mannequin and you couldn’t wait to try it out, now you got a different outcome and you’re disappointed.

This only happens when you don’t dress according to your body shape. Knowing your body shape and wearing outfits accordingly would save you from such disappointing feelings.

As our faces are different so also are our bodies. There’s the diamond body shape, spoon body shape, rectangle body shape, inverted triangle body shape, pear body shape, apple body shape and so on.

Today, our focus will be on inverted triangle body shape.

Inverted triangle shape is characterized by narrow hips and broad shoulders usually with big bust, making the body look like an inverted triangle. Most people who have this body shape tend to have an athletic physique.

How to Identify Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Here are 3 simply tips to identify this type of body shape.

  • Wide/broad shoulders
  • narrow hips
  • Slim legs

Other minor markers include big bust, flat bottom, and an undefined waistline.

Inverted triangle body shape might seem a bit difficult to style because regular outfits won’t fit perfectly but don’t fret, I’m here to help.

knowing your body shape is a deciding factor in your style evolution. Having done that, the next step to take is building a wardrobe that works for your unique proportions.

Don’t be worried about not being able to wear the latest trend, as a matter of fact, you can tweak new fashion trends to suit your proportions.

In this article, I’ll be providing you with helpful tips to help you do that and regain your confidence. Stay with me.

How to style an Inverted Triangle Body Shape

As stated earlier, women with this body shape have more volume in their upper body than lower body so your goal should be to create a balance between your upper and lower body.

You can achieve this by downplaying your shoulder line, adding emphasis to your lower half and ensuring your bust and waist are properly defined.

Here are tips on how to do that.


Choosing the appropriate neckline for the inverted body shape is important when building a wardrobe that complements your body shape.

Avoid necklines that are too low or too wide. Avoid off shoulders or square-cut necklines. They would only add width to your shoulders and bust. Instead, go for a gentle or sharp V-neckline and a narrow scoop neckline.

Asymmetrical necklines also work well for this body type because instead of focusing on the horizontal lines of your shoulder, the eyes have a diagonal line to focus on thereby reducing the focus on your wide shoulders.

Image Source; Pinterest
Image Source; Pinterest
Image Source; Pinterest


Just like necklines, your sleeves should also make your upper body appear slimmer. If it’s a short sleeve, go for the tight-fitted ones or tapered sleeves to avoid adding weight to your shoulders. cut-outs, shoulder slits and dropped shoulder points also makes the shoulders appear slimmer.

If you’re going for a long-sleeved top, you do the exact opposite. That means you should opt for flared sleeves, dolman sleeves or raglan sleeves. Don’t forget the goal is to add volume to your lower body and draw attention away from your upper body.

Avoid puff sleeves, thin straps, or any form of heavy detailing around the shoulders.

how to style an inverted triangle body shape
Image Source; Pinterest
Image Source; Pinterest
Image Source; Pinterest

Shirt/Top Choice

As a woman with inverted triangle body shape, your shirts or tops should emphasize your waist and downplay your upper body. Peplum or A-line tops are perfect for this.

Full peplum tops are a great way to add volume to your waist area so when choosing tops, this should be you first go-to.

Avoid crop tops, your tops should extend past the hip line.

Bonus tip; go for darker colors when selecting tops.

Image Source; Pinterest


By now you’re already familiar with what the goal is so in line with that, here are the types of dresses you should avoid.

Avoid straight dresses. Instead, go for A-line dresses, wrap dresses, or flare dresses.

You can add a belt to define your waist as this gives the illusion of shape.

Image Source; Pinterest
Image Source; Pinterest
Image Source; Pinterest


For your choice of trousers, avoid tight fitted trousers. Make flared or baggy trousers your best friend.

This way, you add more volume to your lower body thereby balancing out your body frame.

Image Source; Pinterest
Image Source; Pinterest


I hope this was helpful.

Do well to share with your family and friends via your social media platforms.

Stay Stylish!

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