16 Green Outfit Ideas for Stylish Women in 2024

Looking for the best way to piece together a green outfit that’ll turns heads for the right reasons? Look no further because i bring you good tidings!

Green as a color is often times tricky when it comes to styling. There are some colors that you’ll pair with green that will make your outfit pop while there are some colors that will leave your overall outfit looking tacky.

green outfit
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Firstly, I’ll be giving you tips on the right colors to pair with green to give you the perfect green outfit.

Then, I’ll show you how to piece together an outfit based on the occasion, venue, season, and your body shape. Stay with me.


There are a couple of colors that complements green perfectly; white, other shades of green, light yellow, black, orange, light blue, gold, to mention a few.

When piecing together a green outfit, be sure to bear this in mind.


This is another factor to take into consideration when getting your outfit together.

What’s the occasion? Wedding? Night out? Work?

Where is it taking place? Outdoors? Restaurant?

Answering these questions will help narrow down your choices when selecting fashion pieces for your green outfit.


The weather plays a vital role in the selection of your outfit. You can’t wear a strapless crop top and shorts without a jacket or sweater during winter for obvious reason, that’s more of a summer outfit.

So, when piecing together your green outfit, put the season of the year into consideration.

Body Shape

As with any outfit selection process, selecting what works best for your body shape is paramount.

A body con dress will perfectly suit a spoon body shape but won’t be flattering on an inverted triangle body shape.

So, it’s important you know your body type and what works best for you in this regard.

Overall, don’t sideline comfortability. Go for outfits that will have you feeling comfortable wherever you are.

Now let’s see some green outfit ideas shall we?

Green Outfit Ideas

Here you go.

Green Monochrome Outfits

Mixing different shades of green is one stylish green outfit idea. Monochromatic outfits have always been known to be sophisticated.

green outfit
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green outfit
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Monotone Outfits

Unlike monochromatic outfits, monotone outfits involve wearing the same shade of green throughout your outfit. That means if you’re wearing a dark green skirt, you’d pair it with a dark green blouse, a pair of dark green shoes, and a dark green handbag.

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Green with Prints & Patterns

Another fabulous green outfit idea is pairing with animal print. Whichever print you choose; zebra print, leopard print, tiger print and the likes, ensure that the print is not overshadowing whatever green fashion piece you choose.

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Green & Orange Outfit

If you want to go bold with your outfit, try the green and orange outfit combo!

Orange being a bold color brings the pop to the outfit.

You can recreate this outfit in different ways; green skirt with orange blouse; orange pants, white tank top with green blazer; green shorts with orange top, e.t.c.

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Green & White Outfit

Green and white is a timeless classic combination. In fact, this list of green outfits would have been incomplete without it.

There are several possible outcomes for green and white outfits; Green pants with white shorts, green shirt with white pants, green skirt with white blouse, to mention a few.

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Green Dress

This a simple green outfit idea.

To recreate get any green dress of your choosing, pair with heels or flats depends on the vibe you’re going for. (sneakers for a more casual vibe, heels for a more stylish look)

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Green Cargo Pants

Green cargo pants outfits are casual yet stylish. They mostly streetwear outfits.

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Green & Black Outfit Ideas

This is another timeless outfit combination, pairing green with black.

When styling, don’t forget green is the main character, so the black however you choose to insert it shouldn’t overshadow the green.

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green outfit
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Green & Pink

This is another bold outfit choice. It’s not your regular color combination so you have to be careful when pairing. Go for lighter shades of pink to be on the safe side.

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These outfits can be recreated in various ways, to suit various occasions so feel free to experiment.


I hope you found this helpful.

For questions and suggestions, leave in the comments below.

Don’t forget to share with your family and friends.

Stay stylish!

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