15 Stunning First Date Outfits Guys Love

Congrats! You finally got that date with your forever crush…or not. Probably just a guy you met online and considered giving a chance to meet physically.

Whichever the case may be, now you have to worry about what to wear on your first date with him, and yes, this is a big deal because you want to leave a lasting impression.

I remember how worried I was about what to wear on my first date with a guy I’d been talking to for a while back then.

Should I be casual? Bold? 

Should I wear a body con or a free-size dress? 

Heels? Flats? 


So many questions!

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It’s no news that outfit selection for women is always a struggle, not because we actually have nothing to wear but the indecisiveness that comes with selecting the best of the best.

If selecting an outfit for any occasion is a struggle for you, choosing first date outfits would be much more difficult.

This is because your outfit on a first date says a lot about your person. Your outfit has the power to secure the attention of your date and vice versa.

first date outfits guys love
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Only a few have the “superpower” of picking out the perfect first date outfit without breaking a sweat.

I’m glad I’ve been able to break out of the shackles of indecisiveness, and I’m now proudly among the few with this “superpower” I’ll show you how I managed that.

first date outfits guys love
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Selecting what to wear on a first date that would wow your partner would be so much easier if you note the following.

first date outfits guys love
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Your Body Type

Knowing how to dress your body type is one of the first things to know when selecting first date outfits guys love.

first date outfits guys love
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Going for outfits that suit your body type sure goes a long way in narrowing your choices and helps you end up with the best outfit for your date.

The Venue

When selecting first date outfits, be sure to confirm where you’re going first. You don’t want to strut around a gaming arcade wearing a dinner dress and stilettos.

first date outfits guys love
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So make sure you have an idea of the venue and what kind of date it is so you can dress accordingly.


The timing of your date also plays a role in determining what you’ll be wearing on that date.

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If it’s an evening date, the atmosphere will be way cooler, so it would require a different outfit from what you would’ve worn if it was midday.

The Season

The time of the year is also another factor you should consider when picking out first-date outfits.

No matter how beautiful that silky summer dress is, avoid wearing it during winter unless you want to end up shivering throughout your first date (that would be embarrassing)

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Now that we have that out of the way, let me show you how to select first date outfits guys love.

How to Select First Date Outfits Guys Love

Here are a few tips to help you look your best on a first date.

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  • Don’t be too showy. Yes, you’re looking to capture your partner’s attention and keep him interested, but there’s a difference between attention and ogling.

    In most cases, you get the latter when too much of your business is out there. Showing off too much skin might send the wrong message to your partner. Unless, of course, that’s the intent, then, by all means, carry on.
  • Show confidence through your outfit. Go for outfits that ooze confidence. They make you look more respectable. Outfits like these would surely attract and retain your partner’s attention throughout the date.
  • Avoid too much makeup. I know you want to impress your date but wearing too much makeup, is not it. Keep your makeup simple and neutral.
  • Dress comfortably. Wear only what you’re comfortable in. This will help you stay relaxed and avoid unnecessary adjustments throughout your date.
  • Wear low heels or flats. Unless you’re totally comfortable with high heels, go for lower heels instead. You don’t want to end up tripping, do you?
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Finally, if you aim to select first date outfits guys love, always bear in mind that less is more!

Oh, just in case your first date happens to be a “Met Gala” kinda event then check out these amazing dinner gown styles.

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