10 Latest Durag Styles and How To Tie Them

Since the beginning of time, headscarves have been a statement in the fashion space.

Although the motive behind adorning a headscarf in ancient times compared to recent years are mostly different.

Back then, headscarves were mostly used as a means of cultural or religious identification; nowadays, they’re predominantly used for fashion purposes.

Durags have become a fashionable trending headscarf for a while now; this wasn’t the case in the late 90s. (yes, durags have been in existence since then)

You might be surprised to learn that durags are not new to the beauty and fashion world. What it was being used for, however, is the difference between then and now.

Durags were originally made for the same reasons as hair bonnets; for hair protection.

They were used to retain moisture in the hair and also maintain waves. They were not made for outdoor purposes.

The origin of durags can be traced back to the black culture, and black men wore durags after making hair waves in a bid to maintain them.

They also used durags as a means of preserving their cornrows from getting old quickly.

Then came hip-hop and switched it all up!

Hip-hop influenced pop culture and fashion a great deal.

Hip-hop stars like Eminem, Jay Z, 50cents, Cam’ron, and Nelly started wearing durags as a fashion piece. Slowly but steadily, durags went from being protective coverings for hairstyles to outdoor fashion pieces.

As time went by, the whole durag sensation calmed down a bit. Fast-forward to the year 2020, durags made a huge comeback and have since then come to stay.

If you’re a durag lover, you’ll admit it gets a bit boring when you wear your durag the same way every time. I’m here to save you from that.

I’ll outline different durag styles you should try out and details on how you can achieve them.

Durag Styles For You

Image Source: Pinterest

To achieve this style, start by placing the front end of the durag on your head. Ensure that the centre line on the durag aligns with the centre of your head.

Hold the two long ends with both hands and crisscross them at the back of your head. Then you bring them forward and tie into a knot drop by the side of your head.

Image Source: Pinterest

This durag style is quite simple. Place the durag in the right position, hold the wrapping ties and crisscross at the back of your head. Bring them forward and take it back to the rear of your head while overlapping each other.

Once both ends are at the back of your head, tie into a small knot and you’re good to go.

Image Source: Pinterest

To tie this durag style, repeat the initial process in the first style, then make the wrapping ties into a knot on the side of your head just above your eyes.

Image Source: Pinterest

This is one easy-to-tie style among the myriad of durag styles available. Simply hold the wrapping ties, crisscross at the back of the head above the flep then tie loosely in front by the side of your head.

Image Source: Pinterest

Among the various durag styles available, this is probably the simplest.

This durag style can be achieved by tying both ends of the durag in a small tight knot above the flep part of the durag.

Image Source: Pinterest

To fashion your durag into this style, crisscross the wrapping ties at the back of your head above the flep, bring both ends to the centre part of your head and tie in a loose knot.

Image Source: Pinterest

This could easily pass as my favorite among the trending durag styles.

This process of achieving this durag style is almost the same as the rest. The only difference is the end of the wrapping ties being constructed into a knot by the side of the head very close to the ears.

Here are other pictures further illustrating these durag styles explained above.

Image Source: Pinterest
Image Source: Pinterest
Image Source: Pinterest
Image Source: Pinterest
Image Source: Pinterest
Image Source: Pinterest
Image Source: Pinterest
Image Source: Pinterest


These durag styles are mostly styled with casual outfits.

Try out these styles and let me know which one you like best. You can do that by dropping a comment in the comment section.

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