Dry Mascara Hacks: 5 Tricks To Restore Dry Mascara Instantly

It can be really annoying when your makeup is all done, and you’re about to apply your mascara only to find out that the silly little thing is all dried up!

This used to happen to me almost all the time, so I know how frustrating it can be.

In situations like this, you’re left with the options of rushing out to get a new one or wearing your makeup without mascara.

Hold on! What if I told you there are tricks that can save that dried-up mascara you’re about to throw out?

In this article, I’ll show you dry mascara hacks to restore your dry and clumpy mascara, so you’re not stranded mid-makeup.

Before we proceed, let’s discuss why your mascara dries up in the first place and how you can prevent it from happening.

Why Does My Mascara Dry Up So Quickly?

Among all your makeup products, you must’ve noticed that your mascara seems to be the most short-lived. Here’s why.

The average life span of mascara is about 3-5 months. It expires quicker than other cosmetic products. This is because it is a liquid eye product that contains more moisture hence the potential for bacterial build-up.

Apart from this, there is a possibility that you’re the cause of your mascara drying up. surprised? Let me explain.

Not Tightening The Cap

The product always states that not properly shutting the cap can cause your mascara to dry up. Once it’s not tightly shut, air and heat can penetrate the mascara tube and make it clumpy.


Ensure you shut the cap properly to prevent your mascara from becoming clumpy due to air and heat penetration.


Whenever you push your spoolie into the mascara tube, you’re pumping in air which can cause your mascara to dry up.

Also, countless bacteria thrive in oxygen, so the more air you pump into your mascara tube, the more you’re setting it up for contamination.


Swirl the mascara brush instead of pulling and pushing to avoid pumping air into your mascara tube and causing premature drying.

Now that we’ve treated the possible cause and preventive measures let’s dive into ways you can save your dried-up mascara.

Below are dry mascara hacks that would save you the stress and cost of buying mascara every few weeks.

5 Dry Mascara Hacks

Aloe Vera Hack

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The first among the dry mascara hacks I’ll be showing you is the use of aloe vera to revive your mascara. This method doesn’t just fix your mascara but also contains the right resources to nourish your eyelashes.

How To Fix Your Mascara With Aloe Vera

Add a few drops of aloe vera directly into the mascara tube and shake it for 30 seconds to one minute. Then, stir and allow it to rest.

Be sure not to use aloe gel containing chemicals because it can damage your eyes.

Hot Water Hack

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This is one of the easiest dry mascara hacks that come in handy. All you need is hot water and a coffee mug. This works because the hot water melts the thick formula and restores your mascara to its default setting.

How To Fix Dry Mascara With Hot Water

Fill your coffee mug half way with hot water and submerge the mascara tube for a few minutes.

While at it, ensure that your mascara lid is appropriately shut to prevent the water from getting inside.

This hot water formula works for your spoolie as well. If your spoolie has a dry or crispy formula, hot water will take care of it and make it spotlessly clean.

Oil Hack

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This is another effective hack that works wonders for dry mascara. You can use Almond oil, Castor oil, or olive oil to revive the thickening consistency of your mascara.

Almond oil has fatty acids and Vitamin E; this can serve as a moisturizer for your eyelashes. In addition, oils will help even out the cuticle and add a sparkle to it.

How To Fix Dry Mascara With Oil

All you need to do is spurt a few drops of oil into your mascara solution, swirl, and let it rest.

Contact Lens Solution Hack

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If you use contact lenses, you should try this hack. Adding contact lens solution to your dried-up mascara can revive it. A few drops of saline in the contact lens solution will make your mascara smooth.

This is one of the safest dry mascara hacks because your contact lens solution is already an eye product.

How To Fix Dry Mascara With Contact Lens Solution

Add a few drops of contact lens solution to your mascara, then roll the tube between your palms for about a minute. Doing this will lighten the thick formula.

Rose Water Hack

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Using rose water is the last on my list of dry mascara hacks.

Rose water is another solution to dried-up mascara. It softens the formula and makes it less clumpy.

How To Fix Dry Mascara With Rose Water

This process is quite easy. Sprinkle a few drops of rose water on your mascara brush, insert the brush into the mascara tube, and twirl.


Please ensure your mascara is not expired before carrying out these dry mascara hacks. Throw it out if it is to avoid damaging your eyes.

I hope these dry mascara hacks were helpful; try them out and let me know how it goes in the comment section.

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