5 Unique Black Shirt Grey Pants Outfits for Women

You can never go wrong with neutral color schemes, and I’ll show you classy ways to pull it off effortlessly!

Today’s focus would be on pairing black shirts with grey pants. Both being neutral colors might get you wondering, how can there be more than one way to pair this? I’ll show you how just keep scrolling!

The ‘black shirt grey pants’ combo gives off this minimalist and monochromatic aesthetics and if this is the vibe you’re going for, well, congrats, but there’s more!

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Contrary to what you think, there are variety of ways to style the ‘black shirt grey pants’ combo. There’s the formal style, casual style, smart casual style, or business-casual style. ‘Black shirts’ and ‘grey pants’ can metamorphose into different outfits: it’s not restricted to just formal shirts and pants.

There are also factors such as venue, dress code, weather and your personal style to consider when opting for a ‘black shirt grey pants’ combo.

Here are a few tips to consider before putting your outfit together.

Dress Code

If there’s an already existing dress code at the event you’re attending, then you should stick to it. By this I mean, if the dress code is formal attire, then you should go for a formal black shirt and grey pants. This would keep you in line with the dress code.


The weather is also another factor to consider when choosing your outfit. A black turtleneck with grey pants and grey blazer would be a perfect fit for winter season but would be too much layering for summer.

So, when picking out your outfit, consider the season.

Color Shades

This of course refers to the ‘grey’ in this combination. Although there are different shades of black, they’re not as noticeable when compared to grey.

Going for a darker shade of grey would suit a more subtle and formal outfit while a lighter shade would better suit a casual fit.

Even though both can be used interchangeably, it’s better worn this way.


As always, footwear can make or mar your outfit, therefore, a lot of thought should be put into footwear selection.

With a ‘black shirt grey pants’ combo to work with, black shoes would be the best fit. Brown shoes with brown accessories like waistbelt would also match this fit.

Now, without wasting any more time, let’s get to it!

Black Shirt Grey Pants Outfit Combination

Grey Pants, Black Camisole, and Grey Blazer

This combination is fit for a formal setting. Gives an edgy and conventional look.

Going to the office, or as a speaker in a conference this is a good fit.

With regards to the weather, this outfit combination is fit for winter or autumn as the weather tends to be cold this period.

Pair this with black footwear and you’re good to go.

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Black T-Shirt with Grey Pants

This is a business-casual style. Not too formal, not too casual either, just a beautiful balance of both worlds. Perfect for summer.

This outfit style is fit for networking events, training seminars, workshops and the likes.

For footwear, you can style this with black flats, loafers, or white trainers.

black shirt grey pants
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Image Source; Pinterest

Black Turtleneck with Grey Pants

This is another business-casual outfit style. Unlike the set above, this one’s perfect for cold seasons and not so suitable for hot weather.

It can also pass for formal wear if you throw on a blazer.

Pair with black flats, heels, or black ankle boots and you’re ready to slay.

black shirt grey pants

Black Jacket with Grey Pants

This is a proper casual outfit for informal events.

If you’ve been invited to a coffee or brunch meet-up, picnic in the park or a cookout, you could turn up looking like this.

Style with a neutral-colored camisole or T-shirt and a pair of black or white sneakers.

Image Source; Pinterest
Image Source; Pinterest

Black Shirt Grey Pants

This is one of the conventional fits in the ‘black shirt grey pants’ outfit combo. It’s a smart-casual outfit and it’s fit for after-work meet-ups with colleagues, or a casual business meeting.

Grab a pair of grey pants, coupled with a black long-sleeved shirt and you’ve pulled this outfit.

black shirt grey pants
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Image Source; Pinterest


I hope you found this helpful.

Do well to share with your friends and family via your social media platforms.

Stay Stylish!

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