15 Latest Black Girl Hairstyles 2024

Hey gorgeous! Today, let’s talk about something that’s as beautiful as it is fun: Black girl hairstyles!

Whether you’re rocking your natural curls or trying out a trendy look or even experimenting with protective styles, there’s no limit to the number of stunning hairstyles you can rock as a black girl.

From sleek and sophisticated to bold and beautiful, there’s an array of gorgeous black girl hairstyles to choose from.

If you’ve always had a hard time choosing hairstyles, by reading this you’re one step in the right direction.

In this article, I’ll walk you through a variety of black girl hairstyles, how to style them, and tips on how to care for them.

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Pretty Black Girl Hairstyles

Let’s dive right in!


What’s a compilation of black girl hairstyles without afro?

You can achieve this by simply pouring out your natural hair, apply leave-in conditioners and essential oils to keep your hair soft and glowing.

If your natural hair is not as full yet, or you just don’t want to leave your hair lying out, you can get an afro wig.

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2.Knotless Braids

Of course, knotless braids would make the list, I mean why not? They’re gentle on your scalp and offer versatility in styling.

Also, the absence of knots at the root makes it a protective hairstyle because it reduces tension and pulling.

You can style in different ways; updo, bun, pull back and so on.

You can maintain them by wearing a silk or satin bonnet before bed to reduce friction and minimize the amount of frizz. This will help your braids last longer.

black girl hairstyles
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3.Space Bun

This is a variation of afro hairstyle. If you’re looking for a quick on-the-go hairstyle then you should try this out.

You can achieve this style by parting your afro into two parts, either from the middle or the side, it’s your choice.

Tie both parts in place separately using thread. Add gel to the laid-down part for a sleeker look, then essential oils to your buns.

There you have it!

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4.Spring Twists

Spring twists is the perfect hairstyle for you if you like lightweight hairstyles.

When it comes to styling, sprig twist is versatile in that area, you can wear it down for a casual look or wear it in an updo for a chic look.

Maintenance is pretty straightforward. Moisturize your twists regularly with a lightweight leave-in conditioner or hair oil.

You can experiment with hair accessories for extra flair.

black girl hairstyles
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5.Afro Bun

This is another variation of the afro hairstyle.

You can achieve this with your natural hair or a faux afro bun.

Maintain with gel and essential oils.

black girl hairstyles
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Image Source: Pinterest

6.Jumbo Braids

This is a variation of knotless braids only larger in size. It’s one of those quick hairstyles you make when you’re not up for an all-day hairdo but still want to look beautiful.

An added advantage of this style is that you can style in different ways so you’re not stuck with one look for the duration you’re carrying the hairstyle.

Maintain by applying essential oils for shine and sleeping with a silk bonnet to prevent frizziness.

black girl hairstyles
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7.Messy Bun with Tresses

This is another one of those easy-to-make black girl hairstyles. The only downside is that it wont last long especially if you’re a natural hair girlie.

Maintain by applying leave-in conditioner to moisturize and sleep with a silk or satin bonnet to lock in moisture.

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Locs are a beautiful option as a black girlie looking to switch up her style.

You can do this with your natural hair or install faux locs.

Go in for maintenance at the saloon at once a month.

black girl hairstyles
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9. Feed-in Braids

Almost all braid styles now make use of the feed-in technique.

If you’re looking to do something different from the regular stitch braid and knotless braids, try this out.

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10. Stitch Braids

Next on our list of black girl hairstyles is the stich braid. This is one of the trendiest looks for black girls right now and for good reasons. It’s beautiful, easy to make and lasts long.

You can add loose tresses if you want.

maintenance doesn’t require much, just ensure you apply leave-in conditioner to your tresses so they don’t straighten out.

black girl hairstyles
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11. Cornrows

What’s a list of black girl hairstyles without cornrows?

You can recreate this hairstyle with your natural hair or make use of extensions.

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12. Boho Braids

Boho braids is another one of those exquisite black girl hairstyle that’ll make you feel pretty and sophisticated.

Maintain by applying leave-in conditioner to the loose tresses so it doesn’t straighten out.

black girl hairstyles
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13. Bantu Knots

Tired of regular braids? Try Bantu knots to switch up your style.

Like other styles, lock in moisture by sleeping with a silk or satin bonnet so your style can last much longer.

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13. Three-strand Twists

Three strand twists is not your regular twists hairstyle. It’s more of an upgraded version of regular twists.

It’s a protective hairstyle especially for natural hair. It’s definitely one of these black girl hairstyles you should try.

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I hope you found this helpful.

Which of these black girl hairstyles will you be trying out? Let me know in the comment section.

Stay Stylish!

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