10 Beautiful Ankara Long Gown Styles You Should Try

Figuring out how to style that Ankara fabric into a long dress? I have good news for you, you don’t have to be a professional fashion designer or stylist to rock beautiful Ankara long gown styles!

Long gown styles have been proven to be quite fashionable time and time again, irrespective of the fabric used. I know we’re already accustomed to the conventional cotton, sequin, silk, velvet, tweed, or poplin fabric. Ankara fabric is a whole different brand.

This fabric is quite popular among Africans; it is no surprise as it originated from Africa. The term itself is traced to a city in Turkey, the country’s capital to be precise which is known as ‘Ankara.’ This is quite the irony because Turkish citizens rarely wear the fabric.

This leave’s one wondering what the connection is but hey, that’s not why we’re here.

Ankara material can be styled into any design of your choosing be it dinner gown styles or regular outdoor outfits and can be worn by men, women, and children. These fabrics are unique because they are a perfect fit for any occasion.

However, in this article I’ll be focusing on beautiful Ankara long gown styles you can wear either to a party, thanksgiving, or an outdoor event.

Before we proceed, note that the styles you are about to see are merely a hand-picked snippet of the variety of styles made with Ankara fabric, and you can craft your own design using these as an inspiration.

Now let’s get to it, shall we?

Beautiful Ankara Long Gown Styles For You

Here we go!

Sleeveless Turtle-Neck Ankara Dress

Image Source: Pinterest

This sleeveless turtleneck Ankara dress is first on my list of beautiful Ankara long gown styles. This dress is perfect for Thanksgiving dinner. Flowing from the waist down, this style allows you the freedom a figure-hugging dress wouldn’t give you.

High Neck Ankara Gown With Emphasized Sleeves

Image Source: Pinterest

The high neck feature and emphasized sleeves give this dress a statement look fit for a theme party. Rock this with the perfect pair of heels and you’re all set!

Off Shoulder Puff Sleeve Ankara Dress

Image Source: Pinterest

This is a beautiful piece that can be worn to a wedding or even a dinner date depending on your personal style.

High Neck Long Sleeve Ankara Dress

Image Source: Pinterest

This is another statement piece that gives you that classy look. I’m personally drawn to the fancy sleeve which actually adds a bit of freestyle to the dress.

Deep V-Neck Long Sleeve Ankara Dress

Image Source: Pinterest

This dress is everything beautiful, from the long pointy sleeves and v-neck feature giving it a sexy look to the flare around the feet which I think qualifies it as a dinner dress. It is one sexy style you can slay at an evening party.

Tiny Strap Ankara Ball Gown

Image Source: Pinterest

The tiny strap makes this dress less noisy and highlights your arms and neck area. Although it doesn’t quite cover the feet, it can still pass for a long gown style.

Strapless Ankara Bodycon Dress

Image Source: Pinterest

Next on our list of beautiful ankara long gown styles is this strapless bodycon dress. The detached sleeves and neckpiece adds a peculiar design to this style and I love it!

Off Shoulder Cut-Out Ankara Dress

Image Source: Pinterest

The cut-out around the stomach area gives this gorgeous dress a catchy and almost mysterious feel because it makes it a bit difficult to decipher if it’s a dress or a skirt and top.

Ankara Halter Neck Dress

Image Source: Pinterest

I always have a personal favorite in articles like this. This beautiful dress right here is it for me.
This dress is unique because it is made from several Ankara materials. Over 20 different Ankara prints were sewn together to achieve this! In my opinion, that’s pretty genius!

Tiny Strap Ankara Maxi Dress

Image Source: Pinterest

This tiny strap maxi dress is fit for outdoor events like cookouts, barbecues, and the like. Your choice of footwear is not really important because the length of the dress covers your feet


Judging from the beautiful Ankara long gown styles above, I guess it’s safe to say that Ankara print is one versatile fabric that should not be undervalued.

As a matter of fact, I see no reason why you shouldn’t have a collection of Ankara outfits in your wardrobe except, of course, you do not give much thought to what you wear, but then again, you won’t be scrolling through this post if you didn’t. So do well to make use of the information provided above.

Do you have suggestions or questions for me? feel free to drop a comment in the comment section and I’ll reply as soon as I can.

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